Mostly Aryan has his life pretty much suspended, while he builds up his businesses before taking his companies public in 2020. His fantasy is to use the money he makes to buy a Playboy Franchise and if possible Virgin Atlantic!-Talk of a stressed mind, determined to have its fun NOW, no matter if its just in fantasy!

Anyways, on the last day of April,2014,he decided to have a "boys night out" as a stress-buster. He and his buddies sat out on Versova Beach, sipping beer and jawing and enjoying their impromptu party.......

All of a sudden, they discovered that there were enough skills between them to put up a grand beach party, perhaps 100.000 people strong and magnify the pleasant vibes they were enjoying. Why buy into a Playboy Fantasy when you can create one of your own? 

One of the hallmarks of all of ARYAN's businesses being swift execution, it was decided that come Hell or High-water, the first edition of Transform Bikini Bash would be a reality by May 30th,2014.And so the preparations are on at break-neck speed....

Diecurve Model Management, is pulling off lots of all-nighters fueled by caffeine and tobacco. Truly its hard to believe how much a bunch of people can get done in so short a while, if they set their minds to it and drive their bodies! Here's wishing them luck in pulling off the Greatest Show On Earth without a hitch!